Dear Church,

Stop! Stop turning away those that are broken, hurt, confused and lonely. Stop condemning those sinners. We are all sinners, we have all fallen short of the grace of God and therefore we all need the same love and those outside the church are no different. Stop welcoming and attempting to draw in Christians for as Jesus said, “its the sick that need the doctor, not the healthy” (paraphrase). Stop trying to compete with other churches for the biggest audiences and the most services offered. Instead, target those that have grown to resent the church, show them what church is really supposed to be about. I am talking about the early church, the church that Jesus influenced by simply flipping culture on its head. The church that eats with tax collectors and sinners. Who spends the majority of their time witnessing and sharing the love of Christ with those that need it most.

We have a bad reputation and it needs to change if we have any hope of reaching this generation and the next generation and the next generation, etc. for Christ. Between us being afraid of those that are different, and the media exposing that fear and our ugliest side, we are being turned against. We are supposed to be a beacon of hope to the lost, but instead the lost have found other ways to cope with their differences.

Church, we need a makeover, we need a fresh dose of Jesus, we need to remember the same love that made us change our lives, ask Jesus for forgiveness and believe in God. We need to remember where we came from, a reality check so we can humble ourselves.

I know these things to be true, because I have seen the ugly first hand, I have been the ugly – uncomfortable with those that are different. My heart is broken when I think about all the times I could have potentially made a difference in someone’s life but didn’t because I was scared or uncomfortable. I cannot regret the past, but I can look forward to the future and change my ways and inspire others to change their ways so that next time I step up and share the love I have in my heart for all people, regardless of gender, color, religion or sexual orientation. That love is the love that Jesus gave me when I accepted Him into my heart. It is real love. It needs to be shared.

Church – lets share that love.


A sinner humbly saved by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.