Hello all! This week’s blog post was inspired by a sermon I listened to from Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA. The speaker was Dr. Liam Goligher and it was a great message. Any quotes below are from Dr. Liam Goligher. You can check them out here.

First, let’s start with the background of this message, it came from a series on the book of Isaiah. It is a book I am currently reading/studying for a class in college. Isaiah was a prophet who spoke to the people of Israel during a time in which they were turned from God and were about to be destroyed by Assyria. In these times the people were worshiping all types of false gods and partaking in pagan worship, but also attempting to worship the one true God, the Holy One of Israel.

The people were offering the right sacrifices and following the law when worshiping God, however, there were two key mistakes they were making:

  1. They were worshiping other gods, and therefore the worship to God was not authentic. It was additional.
  2. They were overcompensating during worship because they had a guilty conscience. They were over-sacrificing, lighting too much incense, etc., because they felt they could earn God’s favor by going above and beyond.

God wants authentic worship, He wants us to come to Him, worship Him solely, and He wants the worship to come from the heart. He craves a genuine interaction with His creation, and not a manufactured one. You see, our worship of God is not limited to Sunday mornings for 20-30 minutes. Our worship of God should happen on a daily basis, we worship God by spending time with Him, and by how we act outside of church.

See, this is where the Israelites had it wrong in their worship. They kept to their specified times for worship and were not worshiping God outside of that blocked time. During the other time, they were sinning continuously against God, and against each other. They would then convene and feel like they had to “make up for lost time” and start performing more sacrifices until God finally spoke through Isaiah and told the people, that their worship made Him sick.

I do not know about you, but I never want to be in a place where God thinks the worship I bring to Him is sickening. Therefore, we should attend to the worship of God and ensure that we are giving it a high priority in our life. We should worship God Sunday through Saturday. As Dr. Goligher said when speaking about worship, “Is it enthusiastic enough or big enough, doesn’t mean anything to God. God cares about how you act when you leave the church.” Do not worship in vain as God can see right through that.

This message is a great one to remind myself on, on a daily basis to ensure I am worshiping God with a pure heart both in solitude and in public with my actions. I hope this is a good reminder of that to you as well, so that we as the children of God bring the best worship we can to our Creator. God Bless!


#SMARTGoals Update:

Weight Loss: -1.8lbs since last weigh in

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