Hey everyone! Happy Monday! This week’s post is sort of a continuation of last week’s post in that we will continue the discussion on the church. If you haven’t read last week’s post you can do so here. A quick update on my #SMARTgoals that I posted about a few weeks back. I have lost 8lbs, and am still on target to hit my 100, which is great! However, on the other side, I slowed down in reading Simplify by Bill Hybels and my only excuse is that full-time school started. Hopefully, I will be able to find a balance to get all my reading in. From here on out, I am going to add a footer showing my weight loss totals and what book I am currently reading so if you want to follow along, feel free. Now on with the post!

Last week, we discussed the church being a safe place for all to attend and find Jesus. This wasn’t to say that the church needed to adopt all beliefs and political views to accomplish the task, but they do need to be accepting and welcoming to all. For us to get those people to come to church, we must live an unsafe life and have those uncomfortable conversations. We need to be planting seed, watering the seed, and harvesting the seed. (I am preaching to myself here, I need to learn to do this as well).

I want to focus on the idea for a moment, that hit me as a revelation when completing a homework assignment for my Ministry Leadership in Culture class. This may not be a new revelation, but one that is easily forgotten. The thought was this, “Instead of waiting for people to come to church, we need to bring church to the people, doing so will make the latter happen naturally.” For so many churches, or Christians, they wait for the world to come to them out of their curiosity or brokenness. This happens occasionally and we should rejoice when it does. However, the majority of those who come to church is because they experienced church through a believer in the world.

This thought, takes church away from being a building, and makes us believers the church instead. We have to live an unsafe life, so that we as the church can be a safe place for those who need redemption only found in Jesus Christ. Someone out there may never step foot inside a church, regardless of how much you suggest they should. However, if you bring church (yourself) to them, they don’t need to make the effort, and they just stepped inside of church and never even knew it!

There are multiple ways to bring the church with you wherever you go, but a good starting point would be to follow the two greatest commands that Jesus gives us in Matthew. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind…And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:37, 39, NIV). We should first love God with everything so that God’s love overflows from us making us radiant with light, serving as beacon in the dark. Second, we should love our neighbor (anyone we come in contact with, from complete strangers, to co-workers, friends and family) and show them God through our love. Be there for people, meet people’s needs, give of your surplus to fill the needs of others, just be present and your light will be noticed.

If we can bring the church to the unchurched, we can make a bigger impact for Christ then we ever could on Sunday mornings waiting for someone new to peak in wondering what all that racket is that the worship team is making!

Let us be the church that this culture so desperately needs, and let us do it in a way that does not expect them to make the first move.


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